A Reading Guide to Titan Books

Titan Books is quite literally a titan in the SFF publishing sphere. Going through their website alone, you pick up several additions to your TBR list before reaching a second page. This publisher consistently delivers quality and often best-selling fiction. To celebrate their catalogue, we’ve put together a reading guide of their last year of […]

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Top Picks: Fantasy by Black Authors

This year has been particularly prolific in terms of publishing new, exciting black fantasy. The Gilded Ones of course made headlines upon its sensational debut in February, so our writers thought we should highlight our favourite fantasy by black authors from recent years. Title summaries and copy taken from/provided by the publisher. Upcoming release dates […]

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Watch Out For These!

If you’re anything like our team at The Publishing Planet, you’re always on the look out for new books. We can barely scroll through bookish Twitter without picking up five or six book announcements to screenshot and add to our watchlist. So, for both our sakes, we’re going to keep you up to date on upcoming titles so you don’t miss a beat. Here are five titles from early 2021 that we know you’ll enjoy…

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