Review: The Wolf and the Water

Josie Jaffrey’s The Wolf and The Water (Silver Sun Books, 2020) is an eye-opening, addictive fantasy filled with ideas of hope, true friendship and the possibility for a better future. The main character, Kala, represents people living with a disability, but this never holds her back. I connected with her from the first page, and I loved how her personality was so confident yet mellow at the same time. As she continues to dig up secrets which have been buried by her city, Kepos, for centuries, her whole life is imploding around her. And yet, she is always a great friend and neighbour, even though she has been treated very poorly by society due to her disability. 

Kala has a budding relationship with Leon, who is funny, protective, and able to be everything she needs, while also fighting against his horrible father.  Their blossoming relationship is my favourite within Jaffrey’s fantasy world. Each character is unique and plays a vital role in the overall plot, which makes the story easy to follow through the ups and downs of Kala’s world. From the secrets we learn about the city of Kepos, to the outside world which they believe is dangerous – I was living for them all. 

Jaffrey has created a beautifully written book based on Greek mythology and the long-lost world of Atlantis, which happens to be one of my favourite stories.  She has a way with words which make it easy for me to imagine being there myself. The twists and turns which are involved are shocking and thrilling; I have become obsessed, and I am eagerly waiting for the second book in the series! 

By Danielle Greaves.

You can find information about Josie Jaffrey’s novels on her website and Twitter.