Top Five Fantasy Worlds

1. The Mortal Instruments (Walker Books), Cassandra Clare

A few years ago, when I rekindled my love for reading, I borrowed all of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare from my local library. During that summer I binged through them so quickly, and I loved every second. They have been made into a fantastic TV show, and Clare has turned the tales of the Shadowhunters, all of which are amazing. They are easy books to lose yourself in, action packed and, of course, there is the odd romantic couple. I love the fantasy world Clare has built because there are so many aspects to it, so many little dark twists which you didn’t see coming. Like the Seelies – immortal faeries who are half-angel and half-demon – the world seems bright and colourful, with a touch of evil.

2. Amari and the Night Brothers (HarperCollins), B. B. Alston

Amari and the Night Brothers was the first ‘middle grade’ book I ever read, and it quickly turned into one of my favourites in 2020. The world surrounds Amari and her hunt for her missing brother as she is enrolled into a secret school full of monsters, aliens and people with magical powers. I found this to be a lot like the Men in Black films – but with more secrets and family tales. 

3. The Vampire Academy (Penguin UK), Richelle Mead

Like The Mortal Instruments I binged these during one summer on my Kindle a few years ago. There are six books in total for you to immerse yourself in and, let me say, it won’t be hard. The books are centred around mortal vampires who are the elites and are protected by the half vampire, half human people called Dhampirs. The two main characters, Lissa and Rose, are enrolled into a school where everyone is trained in magic and protecting themselves. I loved these books because it is fully of twists and turns, along with so many clever and sarcastic characters. Plus, who would not want to go to a magical school? Which brings me onto…

4. Harry Potter, (Bloomsbury), J. K. Rowling

A classic. Everyone seems to love the stories of Harry Potter and the films are some of my all-time favourites. Waiting for your Hogwarts letter is every kid’s dream, and the whole aspect of learning and working in a secret magic world is amazing. The school and the grounds are beautiful, but it seems like a complete maze to get around! One of my favourite magical things about the Wizarding World is the Knight Bus!

5. Divergent (HarperCollins), Veronica Roth

A series of three books where everything is based on what your true personality is like. Your whole life will be based on that group you are put into and I just love the structure of it, even though everything falls apart, as you’d expect. I’d just love the thought of being put into Dauntless and being declared as ‘brave’. A great action-packed series about survival and fighting for what is right. 

By Danielle Greaves.

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